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WRBC Full Reopening June 5, 2020

Our club reopens on Friday June 5, 2020 fully.Organized Events are now permitted at our club with social distance guidelines recommended. It would be advised that you use common sense when in the general area of others, wear a face covering, gloves, stay six feet apart, and whatever other protection you prefer when interacting with […]

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CoVID 19 Update

for more information about CoVID 19 go to THE WRBC BOAT CLUB IS NOT CLOSED BUT IT IS LIMITED TO GROUPS OF TEN PEOPLE OR LESS IN A GENERAL AREA.What does this mean to you and others? We would like for you to enjoy the lake and go sailing, canoeing, kayaking but DO Not […]

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Winter Sailing–Why We Sail in Dallas!

The daily dose is divided into 3 times. • Children at the age of 2 to 6: 125 mg Amoxil 3 times per day. beats sailing during the holidays, especially when you can do it in your own backyard. Here are some pictures from our weekly butterfly races on White Rock Lake. Special thanks […]

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